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poems & prose


"Beyond Choice" / Boston Review

"'That Full Void': Clarice Lispector's The Hour of the Star" / AGNI

"Mothers of Contention" / Bitch 

"Rooms" / Contrary Magazine 

"Reframing Abortion to Breathe Life into a 'Culture of Death'" / Bitch

"Out on This Red Edge" / So to Speak

"Will the Real Folk Please Stand Up?" / Fourth River 



"Solar Eclipse" / Under a Warm Green Linden, Summer 2023

"By the Sword of Document" / New Note Poetry, Summer 2023

"Grave Things", "Go Empty Your Pockets", "Story/Time" / Guesthouse, Fall 2021

"Light Work" & "Dawn_Dusk" / The American Poetry Review, Jan/Feb 2022

"Poppies" / Gulf Coast 34.1 Winter/Spring 2022

"Infinity Ballot" / Variant Literature, Issue 7 Spring 2021

"Good Work" / Still: The Journal

"Jump Rope Chant: A Cure for All Kinds of Stomach Aches" / Feminist Studies, Vol 46, 2020

"Innovation Nation" / FENCE podcast, Winter/Spring 2019

"American Quartet" / Cut Bank & Verse Daily

"Your Country and Everyone in it" / Split This Rock

"Bismillah" / AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought

"Summer in Maine", "Tenderly Diary" / BlazeVOX

"Some Interviews & Other Exquisite Business" / apt

four poems / Slush Pile Magazine

"American Bio #2" / HOOT

"Whatever is Likely an Entrance", "Coming Out", "Gettysburg Poem #3" / Emulate 

"Whitetail" / CALYX 

"Red Mountain" / So to Speak: a feminist journal of language and art. Spring 2016

"An  Inch of Air Belongs to Itself", "Genesis: I", "Genesis: A Little Later in the New Found Place" / The Fourth River, Online Issue 0.2 Queering Nature