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As I Said: A Dissent / Ricochet Editions July 2022

"As I Said brims with such textural richness that it feels like ASMR—something that would be easy to enjoy even if it didn't mean anything. But because this work is about abortion, reproduction, and fertility, it's about everything. This book isn't weighty, in fact it's got bounce, but it's a sensory tour of the ineffable emotional data that lives in our cells, and the cells of our daughter's daughters, and when you're talking about everything, it weighs a lot. Abby makes this ancient matter feel brightly alive, like a plucky stranger leaning into your ear and telling you a secret. This book made me see things." -- Amelia Bonow, Founding Director, Shout Your Abortion 


Real Words for Inside / Gap Riot Press (2018) 







Plant Light, Dress Light / dancing girl press (2016)